Day 196 – Gone


Day 196 - Gone

Today he went away. Our cat Tomita, that made our family so happy in his 16 years of being with us, went to sleep forever.
We cried and hugged him and then put him in his blanket that he used since he was little. The next morning we took him at the country side for his final resting place. I won’t say much about it because not all the people understand what it means when a cat, a 16 years old one, dies in a family. I’ll say just that: he has always been there for us when we were sick or sad through the years and even on his last moments he took care of us in his own way. This time we were the ones next to him, I hope he felt that. No one can know what a cat thinks, whether he was happy or upset, but I hope that he knew that he was loved and that we tried to give him all the best as we could. I hope we didn’t upset him too much and that he forgave us for the moments that we didn’t understand him or the other way around. He was a beautiful cat, he was our cat…….ooooor were we his and not the other way around?

The photo for today is with his blanket that he always had and that remained with him until the end. A colorful memory for a sad day.