Walk with me in Bari, Italy

I bought some airplane tickets on a special offer to Bari. I didn’t know much about this city and it was the first time in Italy. I didn’t have too high expectations, but I thought it can’t be bad. And boy was I right. It was so beautiful. I loved the labyrinth-like streets from Barivecchia, I loved the sandwiches from Il Nino, the salty and quiet beach, I loved the smiles of Marco and Luca from the Picinni Gelateria, I loved the focaccia, the streets, the women who were making orecchiette pasta, the bike walks and I LOVED the Il Rustico restaurant, the place where I met Italy on a plate (actually multiple plates :) with their 10 euro menu which include (loooooots of entrees, pizza, Peroni beer, limoncello, amaro and a bit of lemon ice-cream)).

During my trip to Italy, in Puglia, I visited these three wonderful cities, so please check out the all galleries below (click on the city for more pictures):

– Bari 

– Alberobello

– Polignano a Mare