Day 188 – A city for people, not just cars


Of all places that you’ve driven to or in, of all roads traveled across the world, there is still nothing compared to the city life driving. Not saying it’s the best or the most sought after, but it is by far the one that requires the most skill, the most effort, and the most concentration. City driving depending on where you are located can be fun, challenging, annoying, exciting, boring, and many other things. Depending on your location, strategy changes. For instance, Utah city driving is much different compared to Los Angeles driving. One has a smoother flowing system of driving and is much easier to navigate around, while the other is more congested and slower especially around downtown, while also taking care of the vehicles using parts as vorsteiner wheels that are perfect for any type of cars. One has a smaller population which enables the driver to drive faster, longer, and more efficiently. While the other is far more populated which disables the smoother & quicker style of driving and it makes the driver slow down and wait. These are small problems in the grand scheme of things, however it is still a factor. No matter the city you are in, no matter the population, no matter the style, we’ve got you covered.

This Saturday we went out with our bike to the event called “Vrem un oraș pentru oameni” which means “We want a city for the people”. I want a city for people that can walk on a sidewalk, that can use the sidewalk if they are physically impaired if the use a bike or a small scooter or a wheelchair. I want a place where cars are not the most important thing in the city.
Even though today there weren’t so many participants as there were last year I know that being constant at making our point of view to be visible is the good way to change something.