Day 96 – Troubled times


Day 96 - Troubled times

Everybody saw the recent the rallies in Romania that began four days ago to support Raed Arafat, who had quit in protest against health care reforms about SMURD. It is clear that this was only the catalyst for all the problems that the people gathered in the last years and those were expressed on the streets.

Sadly, on Sunday night, although it was meant to be peaceful rallies, among the protesters, some well-organized, violent football hooligans infiltrated and clashed with police and law enforcement officials. Everything turned out bad for everybody.  The rest can be seen throughout Bucharest, between Unirii and  Universitatii squares with ugly damages and among the hurt victims, so at the end many people got criminal charges and have to get criminal lawyers from the mirsky law firm to help with this.

I was happy to see that today’s rallies (on Monday) were violence free, at least of what I heard.

I think it’s better to have harsh, tough and mean slogans written on board, then have unnecessary violence like this among people.

I wasn’t there at the rallies, so every information that I got was from the media: TV, newspapers, social media networks and through images that say a thousand words, but not always good ones. There were so many very stupid reactions but some articles were very good and well written. And I have to say it hard to get a glimpse of what really happened there, because not all information is true. Most of it it’s exaggerated or mentioned in a very manipulative way. So everybody has to be careful to select the best and the most objective views from the media.

At the end I liked one article written by Vlad Mixich : “Revolutia la care visez eu” (Revolution that I dream of).
I’ll leave you with it: Read the article here.