Day 94 – Tea, games and almond cookie


Day 94 - Tea, games and almond cookie

Saturday I went with some friends at a very chic and interesting tea place, called Tabiet .
We sat in a small room, that was crowded, but there was enough privacy for a good time. The thing that caught my attention instantly was a small table from a corner. It had so many things on it, so interesting, different and with it’s own idea and story. I don’t know if the air freshener from the right was quite special, but I think it completes the photo.
I liked the old phone, the Camy Puzzle game, the narghilea, The old metal teapot, the bottle full of wax and I also liked the small glimpse of a rainbow that was on a painting in the back.
It was a beautiful evening, we played Carcassonne, I enjoyed a Persian Dream Tea along some tasty almond cookies. We had fun.