Day 69 – The man with the hat


Day 69 - The man with the hat

I love street photography, or subway in this case.

Meet Dan Petre Popa. I did meet him today. He stood out from the crowd with his tall figure, sleek hat, smokey sunglasses, old school leather bag and his quite unique camera. His camera was very interesting with lots of badges and stuff on the shoulder band and with a metal puma head (i think) next to the lens. I wonder what kind of photo passed through the smokey sunglasses and that unique camera.

I was in a hurry and I didn’t get to talk to him so much, but I noticed his imposing throaty voice. I also caught a glimpse of kindness that made him stop for a second for a photo made by a dizzy girl with an iPhone in the middle of the subway.

I was a bit down that I didn’t have my camera and my trusty 50mm lens with me, but hey, this is an iPhoneography project and the best camera is the camera that you have with you.

Thank you for the photo!