Day 65 – Playful colors among leaves


Day 65 - Playful colors among leaves

I got to enjoy a beautiful walk in the Tei park in December. The snow is missing and instead of it, the ground was covered with yellow leaves that seemed to give warmth to the park. Like finding a little treasure, behind some trees and bushes I found this colorful playground, yeah it’s for kids but what the heck. And because it was cold outside it was quite empty so I could try out and take a photo of whatever I desired. So if you are a grown up that is ashamed to show your childish side in public, take a ride with these photos. I had fun :)


There were so many swings, all so colorful and differently shaped and pretty.


The so called carousel seemed a bit abandoned, but the cute horses  seemed to be crying for a spin, which I helped them with :)


Doesn’t it look like a turtle ninja head? :)