Day 41 – Blood on our hands


Day 41 - Blood on our hands

Stray dogs have always been a big issue in Romania. Barbarian and cruel methods have been applied to solve this problem but the wanted results failed to appear.

Euthanasia has been used and hundred of thousand of dogs have been killed and lots of money were spent. Despite the lack of results, despite of the external experiences of other countries and of the fact that euthanasia costs 62 Euro and 15 Euro only sterilization, public administration committee decided today 22 of November 2011 to adopt amendments through which Euthanasia was reintroduced as a possible applied method, remaining at the local administrations to decide what to choose.

The only program that worked anywhere in the world and that, due to the ongoing efficiency and civilized way, is now in the legislation in many states, is STERILIZATION, Identification, Registration and RETURNING of the stray dogs – program recommended and supported by local and international NGOs sites, as well as WHO Geneva, involving COSTS incomparably lower than euthanasia or the maintenance programs for the shelters.

If you choose euthanasia it means choosing to maintain the present situations (stray dogs all over Romania) and the spending of public money in the benefit of some different interest groups.

If you really do not want dogs in the street, If you want local budgets not to be depleted on personal interests, if you support national and international logistics, If you want that Romania no longer to be known as the “butcher of Europe” and want for your hands to not be washed in the blood permanently, Vote for solution: Sterilization and return.

You can sigh here the Petition for sustainable solutions to community dog population management