Day 366 – The end II


Day 366 - The end II

For the second time, yes! I finished my second 365 project which had one bonus day, the 29th of february, so this project came out to be a 366 project! You can see my first 365 project here.

This year was so interesting, filled with so many changes and so many things happening.

I wanted to make a post with the most important moments throughout the year, so I opened a new tab for each day that wanted to include and remember in my final 366 day. I opened so many photos that I gave up, I couldn’t have included all of them here. Each day had it’s special moment that I will cherish for ever, even if there were some very very sad ones. I’ll mention just a few ones here.

It all STarted with the 13th of October and with a cup of tea! And from that moment on, a year full of surprises unfolded.

I think that there were two very tough moments, that were so sad which I remembered today with lots of tears. One was when the beautiful soul that I grew up with, Tomiță, passed away after 15 years! Me and my family shared with him our lives, our emotions, our bad times and our beautiful times! I will always remember him, his wonderful paws and fluffy tail, his sleeping position, his purring, his eyes and his wonderful way of being the king of our house! After all, we can’t own cats, they own us!

The second very hard moment was when to most amazing, wonderful and unique pirate-dog cat passed away too! Zguba had the mood and the joy of a dog, in the most elegant and beautiful cat body, with an unique eye that was salvaged by my brother and Sonia. Zgubi was also in my first 365 project, with the “aerobic class“. It was such a rough moment, I was with her in her final moment and I will remember her for ever. And I am so happy I made so many photos of her and Taz in this project! This way I will remember her always.

This brings me to my favorite photo from this 365 iphoneography project : Day 232 – Hart full of kitties ! The connection between these two cats was so amazing and beautiful! I still have Taz though and he is such a cat in every meaning of the word!

Other significant moments were:

-changing my job which kept me very busy

– meeting such wonderful people such as Irina, Camelia and Simona, being a part of such wonderful moments, like weddings and important changes in my life

– I was biking in December

– I upgraded to my Canon 50D camera

– I got an amazing gift for my birthday

– I made a surprise birthday party

– I had a crazy start of the 2012 year with my funny niece

– I went on an imaginary trip to Paris

– I went to my first football game at the stadium

– I discovered Gelato Mio :)

– I made another friend on a train travel, a wonderful man looking like Clint Eastwood

– I included grandparents in my project here and here

– I met John from London

– I got my new bike

– I managed some photographic projects between my job: Mihai and Flori’s Wedding, Camelia’s Wedding, Golden Tulip Hotel’s brochure, La Cartofi 2nd photo shooting

– I had my first small photo exhibition during an Easter fair, where I sold my first photos!

As I said, if I had the time ( and you had the patience to read it all) I would have added a link for every 366 days from my iphoneography project!

I loved this project, it was something new, that tested my organizational side, my imagination, my creativity, but most important, now I can remember every day from the past year, from just looking at some colorful pixels, that came out from a phone! You can see my entire 365 iphoneography project here: Click ME!