Day 255 – Summer present


Day 255 - Summer present

Someone very very dear gave a small present, a seashell from the seaside. He brings me one every time he goes to the seaside. So today the very small fella’ was a very nice gesture. Mind that it has only 1,5 cm in reality. The photo is a macro one. ❤ TS  ❤



<img src=”” alt=”img_8130-day-256-mica” />

After that I went to an event this Saturday at <a href=””><strong>Bonton Palace</strong></a> in Herastrau where I had to sit for a few hours and talk to the people that passed by. It was interesting but it was a pity that the hot weather made so many people not to come. So the day continued in a very laid back and chillaxed mood.