Day 245 – Ice cream no more!


Day 245 - Ice cream no more!

Today I ate a lot of ice cream! I admit that and I don’t regret it at all!
First after work, sort of after work :)), we went to the F64 store to buy some photo equipment and on our way out they offered us a scoop of ice cream. It was hot outside, we could not say no to them. That is how my warm up for ice cream begun.
From there we went to Gelato mio, a small new ice cream place in the Old City Center. Everything was so colorful and tasty, yummy. So I ended up tasting different sorts of ice cream because it was delicious. And I am sorry but I didn’t get to photograph it because I ate it in an instant.

And if the ice cream is shared and enjoyed with a person so dear, it doubles the fun.

❤ TS  ❤