Day 226 – Caught in the rain


Day 226 - Caught in the rain

We were supposed to go to “Masa Critica” bike event this evening, a very interesting bike gathering. But because of the rain, all of that got canceled. Actually I think it was one of the biggest rain storms since last summer with big flooded areas in the city and very heavy rain. And I really felt this storm. I decided to to biking from work, despite of the weather. Actually I wanted to test my plastic raincoat for my bike. It was quite good, despite of the very heavy raining, the strong wind and the big water floods from the streets.I got my clothes and sneakers really wet but the upper side was very dry and ok.


So here I was, on my bike, with my raincoat in the middle of the storm, but what was I doing? Was I cursing the rain or the city? Noo, I was just biking with a very big smile upon my face……and from time to time I would wipe the water from my eyes :).  Despite the rain I was enjoying the ride because it was a very unique feeling to go like that through the rain.

Now being all soaking wet, I decided to cross the park on my way so I went at the Circus Park lake and took some photos with the lilly pads and the lake all covered in raindrops. It was very calming in a way.