Day 199 – Love story


Day 199 - Love story

I spent my Saturday with friends from high school. A very dear friend of mine, Suv, asked me if I could spare some time to come with her at the civil wedding ceremony of Iulia and Dan, where they got married, Iulia being a high school colleague of ours.

Because I found some free time, I decided to go and surprise Iulia. So I made some photos at the wedding and then at the place they celebrated it with some close friends. It was such an interesting place, perfect for the way I knew Iulia was.

The place was called “Fat Cat” and it had a funky underground design with many wall drawings and graffiti. I didn’t spent so much time with Iulia since high school and I didn’t knew her husband Dan at all, but they were looking great together. They have some resembling features and I felt that they were perfect together, both of them very laid-back and chill. In the evening I put the photos in my computer and I reviewed them. When I got to the photo in which he said yes and then she said yes, I could read the happiness in their eyes.

I wish for them to have a beautiful never ending love story together.