Day 194 – Fluffy paws and tail


Day 194 - Fluffy paws and tail

Today was a bad day. I went with my father to the vet to see Tomita, our cat. We made an X-ray of his chest and found out that the pancreas wasn’t his biggest problem, he had so much water in his lungs and other problems too. The doctor told us that because of his age, we should think of  putting him to sleep or just let him be. Otherwise we would put him through hard times that wouldn’t help him so much. It was such a tough moment.

We got home, told my mother the bad news in tears and then I took him in the bathroom and took some photos to keep from him in his last days. Because he was so weak I decided to photograph his beautiful fluffy tail, that he always put it on the TV screen when he was sitting on it, and of his beautiful paws. The tears keps going through the night, it was such a hard day. That night I took him in my bed. When I went to sleep and it was quiet, the sound of him breathing was so hard to hear. I can’t imagine the pain he was in. But I am happy that I had a chance to stay with him that night.