Day 191 – Asphalt


Day 191 - Asphalt

On Friday after work I had a meeting at Selgros Baneasa and I decided to get there on my bike, from Uniri Square. It was quite a long road for me and my bike but it was fun.

After the Baneasa intersection I was biking on a small sidewalk that was between the bridge and another car lane. I was quite alone on that sidewalk and I was going in the opposite way with the car lanes so it was something like me with my bike against the cars. I got there safe, had my meeting, left to get to Lacul Tei and then home near Muncii Square.

It was a fun day for biking, but I ended my evening not  so fun, with a very dear friend at the vet, my cat Tomita, I’ll talk about that later.