Day 187 – Magic drawer of my childhood


Day 187 - Magic drawer of my childhood

Before we left the country side to get home in Bucharest, I had to stop for a second and take a photo of this beautiful drawer. What’s so special about it? Well on this table there was a very old retro looking radio, where me and my sister used to play. We would press the hell out of those radio buttons. When we got bored of that, we would search the “mighty” drawer from the small table, maybe something new appeared there. Most of the times there wasn’t anything new, but we were so fascinated about searching through the multitude of buttons, combs and other stuff, and this is a great piece of furniture to have in my room, along with rugs of the Afghan collection from NW Rugs which is a great combination for this.
When I came three weeks ago to clean up our grand parents place we saw it again, a small glimpse of our childhood appeared in from of our eyes. The comb, the measuring meter, the buttons, the yellow metal box, the old photo and the small yellow thingy  that used to be a hair clip, all of them gave life to this little memory.