Day 127 – The almost dark knight


Day 127 - The almost dark knight

I finally got to visit the very nice inner buffet from the Romanian Peasant Museum. There I used to eat the most amazing apple pie ever, sadly this time wasn’t so good as it used to be, but it was a real pleasure to see again the chef that’s cooks there, I think people call him Taica, a very nice and calm man. I was surprised that he remembered me.

Anyway, while walking through the hallway to the buffet, I encountered a very interesting character, the protector of that place, or the menace, as a cleaning lady told me.
The “almost dark knight” was very shriveled and the orange spots on the black fur were so fun and nice, I especially  liked the orange tip of its paw. Despite her not so clean and pampered look, I think the kitty found a very good place to stay regarding tasty meals, because of the buffet.

I can’t wait to go there at the Romanian Peasant Museum for the Martisor 2012 Fair, maybe I’ll visit the buffet and the almost dark knight again.