Day 126 – Tea and urban adventures


Day 126 - Tea and urban adventures

As I had just missed my tram I entered the very chic and nice bakery/ candy shop called Zoomserie, which is right next to the tram station.I got a tea to warm myself up while waiting for the next ride. It was quite good, because as you cannot see in the picture, the tea is almost gone.

My reason for today’s photo was the contrasting reflections from the window with people walking in the very cold weather and warm mood and lights from inside the bakery shop.

Unfortunately the tram didn’t arrive just after I finished my tea and I had some fun adventures with a very Romanian trademark style, the 1 hour lack of electricity made the tram to be very very late, then a very “smart” girl left her car parked on the tram’s lines exactly in the rush hour traffic, so we had to wait for 10 minutes for her to move her car, yeah very smart girl. The fun part was that during the long trip home we had a very charismatic, drunk and funny old man in the tram that had some very witty comments that kept everybody smiling all the way.