Day 104 – Solidarity


Day 104 - Solidarity

Romania started rallies in Bucharest and lots of other cities two weeks ago and hasn’t stop since. I went last night with a friend at University Square, to be there, to protest with the people against this awful situation and to get in touch with what was really happening.
Until then I saw news and photos online (on facebook and websites) and on TV, but I didn’t feel that the information was always accurate. I felt like important things, that would affect many people and my future also, were happening and I was only a spectator without any involvement, maybe just with a “like” or a “share” on Facebook, which didn’t seem enough.

I got there and I saw people that were upset and outraged of the present situation. I don’t know if the results will be like they, like we, would need and want, because, honestly I don’t see a real solution so far. People need someone new, a new political class that would change something. Nobody was cheering for someone in specific. The only thing that I heard was some people wanting monarchy, but I don’t know if that’s the solution and I’m not the one to comment so much on this domain.

I was surprised by the difference between the two main groups that were there: on the side with the theater there were people  of all ages with many banners, flags. They were chanting anti-governmental slogans and the TV news were also on that side. Across the street there was the second goup with football supporters, that also had flags and banner and were chanting against the president with so much power just like on a football field. They were non violent, but to keep everything in control, on this side there were so many policemen.

I liked the fact that despite the differences between these two sides and despite the not so big number of people that were there ( comparative with what I was expecting), those people showed solidarity and their power to express their ideas and problems now when it was most needed.


Today I read a very well written article about the people that try to keep everything in control, despite that they are also Romanians, people with the same problems as the rioters. Please read this article by Vlad Ursuleanu here: ““Gaborii asasini”: Dacă nu eram jandarmi, veneam și noi să protestăm!”