Day 100 – Missing my camera


Day 100 - Missing my camera

For my 100 day I got photography on my mind. For a few years now, it has been a big part of me and I am  very happy that way because it’s a way of expressing myself.

I must admit that after my first 365 project from two years ago, I started carrying my camera with me all the time, even if it wasn’t always very easy to take it with me. If I didn’t take it with me I felt naked and had the impression that all the interesting subjects and ideas were happening just then and I was missing out on the occasion.

With the star of this iPhoneography project I decided to not take my camera with me all the time. My iPhone takes pretty good pictures, it’s easier to carry and to use it and gives a certain feeling and mood to my photos. Despite that, now I am starting to miss my “Cookie” (my camera is named that way). So I hope I will soon start to carry my camera with me again on the streets and everywhere I go and use both, why not?