Day 238 – Fancy work station


Day 238 – Fancy work station

Today I got my first work station at home which I can call my own. My sister moved out, so I have a big room all to myself, which is great, not that it wasn’t great with my sister too :P

Anyway ….this is my workstation at home…
It’s very simple, but just what I needed: My Dell laptop ( Gigel ), a mouse (until now I usualy used the touchpad from the laptop :) ), and my Ipod ( Mugurel ). There is also a hidden beast, my 1Tb harddrive ( Memorica, which you met a few photos back ( Day 223 Mean machine ) )

It seems a bit of too black and white for me, right? But you haven’t seen my chair cushion: a big fluffy greeeeeen turtle.