Day 235 – Roller-coaster or Mary-Go-Round?


Day 235 – Roller-coaster or Mary-Go-Round?

Yesterday and today I sat and worked at home because of a very annoying cold.

So I had some time to see a movie where a funny old lady said something smart, very smart. And it went something like this:
life is more exciting when you’re going on a roller coaster then going on the Merry Go round, because the second one just goes round and round, it’s boring.
On the roller coaster though, you have happy moments and then sad moments, but then it goes up, down, up, down, then some twists and turns that makes the ride all the way fun and exciting, yes for some it may seem scary ..but for those there is the Merry Go round…but it’s boring :P

So if you chose the roller-coaster and you have a sad day or get bad news don’t worry, the roller-coaster it’s projected to go upward after that.

I really tried to make a more serious photo, but I was stuck indoor and the rabbit in the carrot car was the closest to a roller-coaster.

P.S.: thanks if you had the patience to read this stuff :P