My own second story of Berlin – 2015

My own second story of Berlin - 2015

After my short trip in Germany in 2013 (click here for the pictures), I finally got my second chance with Berlin, so at the end of April we had an almost one week vacation here.

Except the dull weather, I found Berlin so full of life, organized and in some areas very familiar with Romania, most of the East Berlin, as you could imagine. You’ll find my photographic journey below. These are random things that caught my attention in Berlin:

From details on the street, the beautiful biking women, the infamous Berlin Wall remains, to the East Part of Berlin, the museums, the people, the rivers, the green areas and the views.

Things I liked the most:

– A good place to start in Berlin is the Story of Berlin museum+ the Bunker.

– I absolutely loved the Designpanoptikum– Surreal Museum of Industrial Objects – GO SEE IT – Vlad, the “Museum Director” will be the cherry on top.

– Museum of Technology – Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin – amazing! – full of wonderful things, information, objects – good for geeks, for science lovers.

– Jewish Museum Berlin (Jüdisches Museum Berlin) – although heavy on the hart, this museum expresses so much only by it’s architecture and it makes you think with it’s areas like: the Falling Leaves, the Garden of Exile or the Tour of Terror.

– If you must eat something in Berlin – GO stay in line and EAT an amazing kebab from Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebab! – It’s worth every minute in line, it’s cheap 3,2 Euro! Every bite is to die for :)

– The Botanical Garden – so complex and a wonderful labyrinth of Nature. (sorry for the big number of flowers pictures, i could not help myself)

– I am always a fan of the small art galleries and if you go by foot in Berlin, more in the east, you’ll see so much creativity and art! + the graffiti and the urban art

– I loved visiting Berlin by foot, using the subway, observing the people and the houses, the architecture and the buildings.

– Try the Currywurst and the Bratwurst – they are very good and part of the Berlin culture – but don’t go to the Currywurst Museum – it’s not worth it :)

After the second time, I still can’t wait to visit Berlin again! I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures.