Day 154 – A happy moment a day


Happy International Day of Happiness! I hope we all find a bit of happiness every day in small or big things, in moments, in people, in whatever you want. Today my happy moment was while being in a car with my brother, my mom and dad, my niece and my boyfriend, driving to a Sunday lunch. We were all crowded, but that didn’t matter. There was such a wonderful afternoon light that made everything perfect and a great moment. After that, we all met with my sister and her boyfriend and we celebrated my mom&dad’s anniversary of “just” 33 years. 33 YEARS. I mean really! That’s a long time!

Because of them you can see this picture and the other ones from my website. Because of them me, my sister and brother are alive. I can say that I’m very proud of my family. It’s not perfect, noooot at all, we all did our mistakes and there are many more to come….. but we are a family! So cheers to mom and dad and to their awesome 3 forever kids :))