Day 1 – Cute as a ducky, Fierce as a bear


Day 1 - Cute as a ducky, Fierce as a bear

Just like a usual rubber ducky turned out to be a strong Berlin Beary Duck, like in the above picture, I found in my heart a strong desire to start a new photo project. My fingers were itching to push the camera’s buttons again, in the pursuit for a bit of a daily creative, relaxing and free moment.

A good challenge helps me to grow, to learn, to test myself and to surpass my limits. So I have chosen to do a new 365 project, which means a photo a day, for a year. The challenge? I will be using my weird and cool and forgotten lens called Pro Composer with Sweet 35 from Lens Baby. In this new project you’ll see my play on the all mighty bokeh (the blurred part of a photo), in the strangest, possible and impossible ways . Because why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. :)

Another motive behind this photo project is to better understand how this very special lens works. Practice makes perfect, right? So have mercy on the way some of the days will look like.

So here I go again with day nr 1, with one of my strangest souvenir bought from my few trips abroad: The famous Berlin symbol, the bear represented as a cute rubber ducky.

P.S.: If you’re new around my colorful pixelated world, have a look at my past two 365 projects, by clicking the below projects:

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I hope you’ll enjoy my Lens Baby adventures!