Day 99 – Cristina and the pidgins


Day 99 - Cristina and the pidgins

Meet Cristina!

She was sitting on Vasile Lascar street feeding the pidgins  in the morning. I stopped and asked her if I can make a photo of her. She said yes and if I could help her with some money, because she has a 5 years old daughter with Down syndrome in a hospital. I offered her some money and took her photo while she was feeding the pidgins. After talking about her daughter I asked her why is she giving a whole bread to the birds when she has a difficult situation. She said she likes it and that she always buys an extra bread for them. When I left she thanked me because I was the first female photographer to ask to take her photo, other people had asked her I guess.

And then she asked me if I could give her more money because she said it was her daughter’s birthday and wanted to make a small party for them with sodas and candies. I didn’t knew if I should believe her or not. Anyway I didn’t gave her money again, because I didn’t have more.

This thing made me a bit sad, because I thought about how people tend to get greedy sometimes and when one gives a finger, they always want the whole hand.

BUT on another hand, maybe if one would be in her shoes, survival would be everything. So I don’t think it’s a good thing for someone to judge a person in a minute, because circumstances are different all the time and they matter.