Day 78 – What does the shopping list says about you?


Day 78 - What does the shopping list says about you?

Somewhere in Bucharest there is a lost and scared husband. Why? While walking home I stumbled with this shopping list down on the street. It looked like someone dropped it and forgot about it because it was a long list with no check marks.

I like to be a detective and draw conclusions from different details, so considering the list items I can say that the one who lost this shopping list is a man with a wife and a young baby (pampers were mentioned on the list).

He goes to work and is a bit stressed because he drinks coffee. His wife is a very good  housewife that likes everything tidy and clean (there is detergent on the list and plastic slippers). He is happy because she is making him biscuit cakes, pasta with tomato sauce. They like watching movies together and eating pretzels. Although she is a good housewife she also is taking care of her by eating healthy food like broccoli and she is using brown sugar instead of white processed one. It looks like they will be spending the New Years together at home with family. I didn’t notice the alcohol but I guess it was on the other side of the paper.

And this concludes my portrait on a New Year’s eve shopper. Did you do your shopping?