Day 58 – Was it Snow White?


Day 58 - Was it Snow White?

This morning when we got at our office we noticed ( actually we didn’t :) ) that someone ate some cookies left from the last night meeting. Just like the story goes … we wondered “Who has been eating from our plate?” (we were quite glad actually because the temptation for us was smaller if lesser cookies). Was it a little cute mouse? Was it the Cookie Monster? Or was it Snow White … because someone also sat on our chairs? Paaam paaam paaaaaamm

Actually it was a funny girl from the reception, that came in our office to see if everything was properly closed. She left us the funny note from the image and a colorful tasty clementine.

The note said :


I, Monica – from the reception desk, couldn’t resist the temptation and I took a cookie :) I left a clementine :)

Thank you very much, Monica ”