Day 303 – Fashion Ace


Day 303 - Fashion Ace

Usually Fridays are not so fun at work, because that is the time for things to go wrong. But today was different. During the afternoon Adina Necula visited headquarters and we instantly got along so well, I think we were both surprised. It was very nice to talk to her, because I admire so much the people that are determined and that have a clear view of who they want to be and what they want to do.

She wanted to work in the fashion industry since she wore her first short heeled shoes. Since then, she has managed on her own to get where she is now, with a lot of work and sacrifices. Also she tries to do things as best as possible, in her own style and she succeds at doing so. I also liked her attention at the small details, that make the difference, in my oppinion.

So that is why she has a special card in her sleeve, or purse, the Fashion Ace Card.
Top that with a very outgoing personality and so I got myself a very nice Friday evening talk with a special person, Adina Necula.