Day 291 – No more TITAN light


Day 291 - No more TITAN light

I bought my first jeans, from my school allowance, I bought some small but very significant gifts from here, I went window shopping with my girlfriends here and I pierced my ears here without telling my mother :). So many dear memories from the TITAN STORE.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t all the time in that store, but small memories flood my mind right now, nostalgic and very dear memories. From my home I used to see the Titan light sign every time I looked outside, during the night. But all of that are gone now. I didn’t even get the chance to photograph it for my Signs of the Past project. I’m sad.

But changes are imminent and that is when memories come into place. I hope it will grow to be a beautiful store that will make other dear memories for other children.