Day 250 – John from London


Day 250 - John from London

After work we went at the Old City Center to have a drink. We sat at a table from Atelierul Mecanic , a very interesting place. While talking I noticed a man sitting at a near by table. He had long hair, with colorful braids, piercings and big earring, a necklace ans some loose cotton clothing. But more important his face was so intriguing, so many questions and stories seemed to be hiding in his eyes.

So I used my courage and went to talk to him. I asked him if I could take his photo and he agreed. His name is John from London, I understand he has been here in Romania for several years but everybody is talking such good English that he didn’t have to learn Romanian. John was a costume maker. He seemed to understand the beauty of Romania which is all over the country and in very hidden small details in Bucharest.

He didn’t tell me all his stories, but I felt them in his eyes and I hope I caught some of it in this portrait. It was very nice to meet him.