Day 249 – 2 Photo shoots in a day


Day 249 - 2 Photo shoots in a day

A long full of surprises day this Sunday.
I started with a long photo shoot with a very interesting hair style meant for a big contest for Wella, I was quite scared but it turned out ok, just as I found out that the contestant qualified with my photos.  Finally, after finishing the work, I had to pack my things and go…nooo nooo nooo, not home, but to another photo shoot  this time it was a food photography session, my favorite. A short one involving a bit of heavy food, with potatoes, ham, sausages, eggs, mozzarella and meatballs. If you don’t believe me have a look here: Potatoes photo shoot – part II , and if you still don’t believe me go try them at the new “La Cartofi” restaurant in Cora Pantelimon.