Day 202 – Wrong ingredient


Day 202 - Wrong ingredient

On Labor Day we  had a day off so I spent some time to get on track with my 365 iPhoneography project. I stayed home and edited and uploaded my photos on the website.

Today my brother came at our place and cooked homemade pasta. He, my mom and Sonia were in the kitchen preparing the pasta and I stopped there for a second to be of help. They told me to get the wheat flower from the balcony which was in a white plastic bag. I came back with the plastic bag and then continued my 365 project. After a half an hour I went back in the kitchen and the mood was very very tense because that pasta dough wasn’t so elastic as it should. My brother was so upset that I went back to my work to stay out of his way.


Another half an hour later my mom goes in the balcony with the plastic bag and with a surprised face tells me that that bag actually had plaster inside and not flower. The flower was in another drawer in another bag. Upsy-dupsy I made a mistake :) Thank got they didn’t cook the plaster pasta!!! She took the real flower in the kitchen and then my brother brought me a steamy plate of home made pasta with a tasty sauce, the edible version!

It will be a funny story to tell in the future but it could have ended not to great. So be sure of the ingredients you use :) I know I will be next time.