Day 193 – Hard times


Day 193 - Hard times

As I said before, Friday evening wasn’t such a good one. I made a visit to the vet with my dear cat Tomita. He was very sick and powerless. The doctor examined him and took some blood tests. They were showing pancreas problems, just like a few years ago. Because he was so weak the vet decided to make him a transfusion. Tomita was scared, as always at the doctor, so he was very defensive. That is how I got a good bite from him on my hand. Even though it hurt, that moment was the most active thing I’ve seen him do in the last month. And that would become one of the last signs left from him, which now I cherish so much. On Sunday evening I was putting some Betadine on my bite mark, to take care of it and I saw that on the cotton disc the Betadine drops looked like a hart, like our family’s harts that Tomita got into and made them so much happier with his forever place in them.

These days were so hard because Tomita, our cat, was a member of our family for 16 years and he was going through a very hard time.