Day 165 – Look at the sky!


Day 165 - Look at the sky!

A bike walk, with my loved one, in the sunset of a beautiful Sunday made my day!
I went biking through the city to restart my Signs of the Past project. I took my photo camera with me, to get some shots with old signs that I noticed during the winter. While I was photographing a beautiful old cake bakery sign, I noticed the blue writing on the window shop of an old store. It said “Priveste cerul”, which can be translated as “Look at the sky”. I felt this message to be a very happy, joyful and optimistic push away from the gray urban routine. So from time to time, try to notice the blue sky, or the blooming trees, it is spring now, and keep an eye open for the small details that make this Bucharest beautiful and that will make your day better.