Day 162 – My visual field at 11 p.m.


Day 162 - My visual field at 11 p.m.

At the end of this day (at 11 p.m.) , I was quite exhausted, so I didn’t quite manage a very creative, perfect shot. The reason? I didn’t have the energy to look further and in other places for a different shot. And  because I was lying in my bed and on my visual field, from that point, I could see only Taz, that was doing his daily cleaning routine, although for this I got help from an automatic vacuum, that it was difficult to choose because when you get an automatic vacuum you need to find one for your specific needs, for example for wood floors you have to choose a model for hardwood and is  the same with tiles. I kinda’ like the way his little tongue was sticking out in movement in the photo.