Day 160 – For a lifetime


Day 160 - For a lifetime

The 20th of March is a special day for two very special people, my mom and dad. On this day, they celebrate their marriage anniversary  and this year it was a beautiful round number: 30 years.

A big number that made me, my sister and my brother three very lucky children. We had the chance to grow up and to have still a beautiful family that was build by our parents. They know better how they managed to do this, but I think love and hard work from each other were a few of the main ingredients.

The ceramic hart from the photo is a gift that us, the kids, gave our parents quite a while back ( I think at least 10 years ago ) and it has written on it “De-o viata”, which can be translated as “For a lifetime”. I made a photo of it because I thought that it shows that nothing is perfect. Even if two people are or seem perfect together, the road can and will be bumpy sometimes. But if those bumps are crossed and they continue their journey together, then the hart and soul of that beautiful love will remain whole and strong.
Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Thank you.