Day 129 – Time for a beautiful movie


Day 129 - Time for a beautiful movie

On a lazy Saturday I watched the beautiful movie called “Hugo“, that I understand it’s nominated at the Oscars.

The story is interesting and the actors were great, I’ll leave it to you to enjoy it. But what I liked the most was the image. It was oh so beautifully presented.

The powerful contrast between the blue cold lights and the yellow warm ones were very moody, along with a bit of help from steam and smoke that was present in most of the scenes from train station.  Other predominant things in the movie were the clocks, from the smallest one, to the biggest one from Paris, each one with it’s magic charm. I also liked the library scenes where the two children were scheming their adventure. And to top it all, the story takes place in Paris.

I think that Martin Scorsese did an amazing work full of imagination and beauty. It’s just like one of the lines from the movie that said: “Films have the power to capture dreams.”