Day 37 – “Best regards” to the B-10-RVM car driver


Day 37 – “Best regards” to the B-10-RVM car driver

As I was saying a few days ago ..Bucharest isn’t exactly a very bike friendly city.
Yes the number of bikers grew very much in the last few years..yes we have bike trails a few..BUT, and that’s a big BUT:
1. the sidewalks where the bike trails are drawn on :
– have bug bumps that are very uncomfortable,
-have big sewers holes
2. the part of the sidewalk from which bikes go straight into the streets are not very smooth ,usually the sidewalks are very high ,don’t have a smooth slope .
3. there are soooo many people that walk straight on the bike trails , I do not know why…
4. and the drivers have such a low respect for bikers…they park their cars without any care on the bike trails, blocking our way…and when you confront them, they become very violent or look at you like you are nothing and say So what? in a very annoying way…It’s very irritating to see their rudeness and being idiotic ..

So I’m planning to make some stickers to revenge myself, at least, just a little bit..I will put them on cars that park incorrectly on the bike trails, or on the entire side walk, or if they are simply very rstupid and rude. Until then today I had fun with some post-its on a very stupid driver that always parks here on the entire sidewalk with a bike trail also…to translate what it means : BOU means BULL.. and PARCHEZI CA UN BOU means YOU PARK LIKE AN IDIOT, STUPID,MORON….feel free to fill in.

So “all the best wishes” to the B-10-RVM car driver..mrrrrr

So got any funny stickers ideas for stupid drivers?

P.S.: Sorry for the big text :P but I had to yell it out somewhere