Day 365 – The End


Day 365 - The End

And this is how my projects ends, a wonderful experience for me. I am so surprised that so many people followed my project.

I had so much fun making the banner for today’s photo, I had a bit of help too.

During the making of the banner there was a slide show with the photos from the project on my computer and watching them I realized that it was a whole year of my life , but through the photos Ican remember everything, every details I did and this year I did soooo many things.
I’ll make later a blog post about the project…and in the next future I’m thinking about  a website for my photos, for this wonderful project (for me at least) and for the next projects…because I’m just starting with my projects :) so this end is just the begining.

And Voila!

Thank you all for watching, for the support and everything..