Day 255 – Lolek and Bolek


Day 255 - Lolek and Bolek

these guys made me smile .they were thinking I was going to give them food… but I had only my Cookie (camera)…yet they were kind enough to pose for me.


Ice cream makes the world go round!

The word to describe this evening? Shitty. Absolutely everything I wanted or thought of happened the other way around, everything, so I had to find a cure for it.

I remember a classic scene from the movies when after a big drama she comes home, she takes a biiiig ice cream bowl from the freezer and enjoys it at TV or something like that.

Even though it’s not so healthy or a very optimistic solution, I always wanted to do that (not the sad part….the ice creamy part :) ).
So today after a very bleaaah evening, as I said earlier, I got myself a cup of ice cream which I enjoyed while making and editing some photos from today .
A very small dream came true.