Day 246 – Deciding a life


Day 246 - Deciding a life

A few days ago I saw on TV a very interesting discussion about the stray dogs. We still have a problem with the number of stray dogs in Bucharest. Believe me, I know. They keep reminding me that every time they bark at me when I’m on my bike.

Although I hate when they to this stupid thing..or when I see dogs that are violent on the street… I understand that each one acts for surviving…if at first someone did something wrong to it , of course it will be violent towards humans…or if they are hungry they will search for food…everything depends of the environment they grew up in…just like us humans.

The discussed solutions were of two kinds: 1. putting them down (through euthanasia ) or 2. sterilizing them.

1. very expensive, a very short term solution, a cruel solution , considering that the way they should be put down is far from what euthanasia means…in conclusion , not really a solution…they kill 4 but they 2 survive and the another 12 appear.

2. a very efficient solution because of the less expensive costs, a long term solution because there would be less newborns, a less painful process…

Yet to some people the correct solution is not so obvious…they prefer to “finish the deal” faster, without any bother of thinking it through…and that is unfair to us, the people that live in this city , and first of all to them the stray dogs….

There are many more solutions, for example addopting is a wonderful chance for these dogs, shelters for dogs can offer them a second chance for addoption ( but they can be hard to keep and expensive without any help )…