Day 241 – New friends


Day 241 - New friends

Today I made new friends: Adi, as in Quatarezu on Ipernity, and his wife Daniela.
They have been following from some time at my 365 project and Daniela noticed that I like Ireland very much and that it’s one of my big dreams to get there. Before her trip to Ireland she sent me a message that she will bring me a clover from Ireland when she has the chance…she is a stewardess so she travels a lot (wooonderful for her).

Today I met up in Bucharest with Quatarezu and he gave me an envelope with some very beautiful words on it from Daniela. Inside there was a metal book sign with a little clover and an Ireland inscription on it, you can see it in the photo.

It was a small wonderful gesture and I am so happy to have received it.

Thank you very much, both of you! You made my day!