Day 199 – Make your own luck


Day 199 - Make your own luck

Today was St Patrick’s day, in Ireland, celebrated with lots of joy and green… so it’s my kind of festival :)

One of my first dreams and one of the biggest one is to get to Ireland, in particular to sit even just for a few moments at Moher’s Cliff, feel the wind, the sea, the green… ahhh…

Today coincidentally I saw a movie called “Leap Year” that was shot in Ireland… and the end part with all the kissy kissy at the sunset guess where it was… yeahh Moher’s Cliff… I just wanted to beam me up there (without bothering the main characters in the movie of course :) ).

So when I got home I thought to myself to find myself some luck so I could get there in Ireland faster. I don’t really have a garden to find a four leaf clover…. so I made one (a straw of grass, one green ribbon and a few hats cut from a poster ) :)