Happy St Patrick’s Day from Romania!

Happy St Patrick's Day from Romania!

I’m not sure if you know that I’m fascinated with Ireland, but I am! One of my lifetime dreams is going to the Moher’s Cliff. So I was very happy when I heard that this year, on 17th of March 2013, St Patrick’s Day would be celebrated here in Bucharest also, with a fun and green and loud caravan. See here how I celebrated St Patrick’s Day in the past years ( in my 365 project )

Sadly, when I got there, I was a bit disappointed, because the reality of the organized party wasn’t even near to what I imagined: colorful, cheerful and happy caravan celebrating this very interesting holiday. Expectations tend you disappoint when they are a bit to high. There were just some big polyester words placed in big trucks, that were moving very slowly on the streets, with NO music and NO animation. How can you say it’s a carnaval, a parade without these two basic things that brings people together? I have to admit that at the main intersections, the Irish dance crew put up a nice show, next to the bagpipe Romanian singers, in the first truck but that’s it. At the beginning, there was also a band who sang some traditional Irish songs, that sounded very, very nice. Congrats to them! And because it was an Irish-Romanian celebration there were also a very beautiful traditional Romanian singers with some wonderful voices and national clothing ( the boys and girls looked like they were taken from a traditional painting) !

At the University Square we left the so called “parade” and ended the night in a very nice irish Pub, called St Patrick’s, with some Guinness,  just how this celebration should end.

I hope you like the little details, that I kept in my photos, from the St Patrick’s parade!

Happy St Patty!