Hi, I'm Teo!

When it started: When I was a child (no no, not now :D ) I always liked to take part in all the photos around me, but didn’t know why exactly.

Then after a few years, at the age of 20 I started to find out that I had something hidden in me.

A passion for photography.


I love discovering small details, colorful and happy things, emotions different and odd points of view of ordinary things, marshmallows, Skittles, humor and colors from the daily gray and unique stories of unique people.

Through photography I can keeps all these things alive in vivid memories for myself and for other people too.


Urban portraits
Cannes 2010
Easter Fair
Bucuresti 2012
Food @ F64
Bucuresti 2012
Dragobetele saruta fetele
Muzeul Satului 2013
My "Funny City" photo, from my 365 Project, got selected from other 400 photos to participate at the World Photography Festival in Cannes 2010, in the Urban Portraits expo, along other 49 photo from the Ipernity Community.
In april 2012, I had the chance to participate with my photos at the Easter Fair called "Targul Bucurestilor" at Bell'Agio. A wonderful experience, where I met wonderful people and I sold some photos too.
In december 2012, my Tiramisu photo got the third place in the Food Photography contest made by F64 and the "Lumea Retetelor" magazine. All the photos were shown in a tasty expo in the shop.


Enough about me, I 'd like to know more about you!
So, let’s chat! Coffee, tea, skype, lunch, email or old fashioned phone call!

Email: teo@teoinpixeland.ro
Phone: 0724 005 431